Background Of Leadership And Mentoring

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Background of Leadership and Mentoring Every society, civilization, country, nation or state recognizes the impetus that occurs as a result of leadership. Indeed, as Mills (2005) states, there are perhaps few things that can match the importance of leadership and its role in influencing human activity. Leadership touches on every aspect of human life. As Mills (2005) continues to state, if apportioned effectively, leadership has the capacity to guide nations in turbulent times; assist organizations realize their missions and achieve success, etc. Further afield, leadership is also applied within the family unit through effective parenting, which enables children to grow into productive adults within the societal fabric. However, there can be no gainsaying, as to the fact that leadership is much more stringent in its application and need within the business environment. As Mills (2005) affords, shareholders, investors and every stakeholder to and of a particular business or company for that mater, will always view leadership as the key driver for organizational success.
In this regard, leadership within business is not only connected to good organizational behavior, but also the organization’s profitability. Therefore, the absence of leadership in organizations can provide adverse effects in regards to organizational culture, behavior and operations. According to Mills (2005), effective leadership is more or less significantly related to good, timely and…
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