Background Of Lily And Arthur

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Lily and Arthur were married for fifty-two years. They had a very close relationship. Lily had been residing in a long-term care home for almost two years where Arthur would visit her twice daily. They had no children and Arthur had stopped visiting friends when Lily was admitted to the care home. Over the course of a few months Lily’s condition began to worsen. Lily declined food and fluids. She then died peacefully within Arthur’s presence. Few friends showed to the memorial service Arthur had organised. He cried continuously for three days following the memorial service. When he spoke of Lily, he spoke as if she was still alive. He now appears lost, unsure what to eat or do. His loss of appetite has led to some weight loss. He visits the residents and nursing staff at the care home weekly. Five days a week, Arthur visits Lily’s Grave. Neighbours raised concern about Arthur. His behaviour has become progressively negative as he responds with anger when declining their invitations for a day out. He now has difficulty sleeping at night. He has had a series of visits with his GP and now has been referred for bereavement counselling.
Stroebe et al (1993) stated that the experience of loss that triggers feeling of grief and result in a set of specific behaviours known as morning is what is known as bereavement. Bereavement is a universal experience. Every person will experience a loss in some form in their life. However, there are a number of factors…

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