Background . The Book Of Acts Or The Acts Of The Apostles

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Background The Book of Acts or the Acts of the Apostles is also referred to as the Book of the Holy Spirit or just the Acts of the Holy Spirit because of the numerous cases it portrays the work of the Holy Spirits. Acts present the work of the Holy Spirit as the life line of the Church. It is important to remember that, in the previous gospel books, Jesus had lived, Jesus had died, and he had risen and ascended to heaven. At the time of his ascension, Jesus promised to send the helper; the Holy Spirit. The disciples of Jesus continued to preach the gospel assisted by the Holy Spirit. Therefore, after the ascension of Jesus, Acts tell us what happened with the Holy Spirit. Acts gives an account of how the Holy Spirit came upon the church…show more content…
Therefore, the work of the Holy Spirit was revealed when Saul was converted. Before the ascension of Jesus into Heaven, he had promised his disciples that he will send them the Holy Spirit, that will help them and give them the power to advance the gospel and that will guide them. The Act of Apostles have provided numerous cases where the Holy Spirit guided and empowered different people as presented. Philips and the Ethiopian Eunuch in Acts: 8, Phillip was preaching the Gospel of the Jesus Christ in Samaria and baptizing people with the Holy Spirit. Philip was directed by the Holy Spirit to go and join the Ethiopian Eunuch in his chariot. The other instances include the Ananias and Saul in Act: 9 and the Peter and Cornelius in Act 10. In these instances, the Holy Spirits directs the apostles and prepares the recipient to receive the Holy Spirit. This was as it was promised that the Holy Spirit will help the apostles in the ministry. The other role of the Holy Spirit that is presented clearly in the Book of Acts is guiding the apostles in the interpretation of the gospel. Before the Holy Spirit could help the guide the apostles, there was confusion regarding the exclusivity of gospel to the Jews. The believers felt that the gospel was only meant for the Jews and the many Gentiles and other believers who came to listen to the gospel were excluded. However, through

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