Background. Today, People Are Engaging In E-Commerce More

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Background Today, people are engaging in e-commerce more than ever. Traditionally American consumers shopped exclusively in local businesses and specialty mom and pop stores. These stores are essentially smaller, independently owned and operated businesses that have little influence on the market. Small businesses occupy several areas of business including retail, services, wholesaling and manufacturing. The growing acceptance of the Internet and e-commerce in the early 1990’s changed the way people shopped, shifting consumer preference from traditional to online shopping. With the introduction of personal electronic devices and more readily available wireless internet, Amazon’s customer membership continues to grow. As online retailers…show more content…
It also includes purchasing customer platforms to accelerate the company’s market penetration (Treanor, 2010). Together, these two strategies allow Amazon to fulfill its online customer demands by cutting out the middleman and passing the savings on to its customers. Impact on Business in the Past, Present and Future In the past, Amazon’s business model focused solely on selling books in the global marketplace. Since its establishment, Amazon has acquired numerous new investments including companies such as and BookSurge LLC. These large investments eventually secured the company’s top position as the leading e-commerce platform in the United States (Treanor, 2010). In the early days of the Internet, traditional shopping at local businesses were still the most popular choice among consumers. In 1998, e-commerce sales only accounted for 0.25% of total retail sales (Lee, Paswan, Ganesh & Xavier, 2009). In the early 1990’s shopping conditions among local businesses were favorable and specialty mom and pop stores were preferred for their hands-on customer service experience. Internet shopping was still regarded by many as being unsafe and in personable, but in the coming years this viewpoint began to shift. By the mid 2000’s, e-commerce had less of societal stigma and became a standard way of shopping for many Americans (Treanor, 2010). Today, there is a visible decline in the number
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