Background of Human Resource Management

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Background of HRM

Early studies on human resource management can be traced under the field of the studies of personnel management (Scott, 1915; Asher, 1972; Campbell et al., 1970). However a shift from personnel management to HRM occurred in the early 1980’s.

Some authors (Storey, 1994; Torrington et al., 2008) argue that human resource management has two meanings. According to one of them, human resource management covers the same activities that personnel management used to before the shift in the 1980’s.

Following another meaning however, personnel management and human resource management differ. Legge (1995) argues that the difference between the two is very thin and is based on the way people are treated, as the
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incentive pay, pay for performance vs. seniority).

• The extents to which reward systems are linked to strategic plans and encourage employees to work toward accomplishing business needs and meeting customer requirements.

• The extent to which rewards are based on individual vs. group or corporate performance.

▪ Structure of non-financial rewards (e.g. recognition programs, titles, informal status symbols).

Communications and Public Relations

• Types of information presented to employees, manner of presentation (e.g. confidential vs. public)

• Types of communication channels; dissemination of information inside and outside the organization; opinion of surveys; open door policies.

• Design of communication programs (e.g. public meetings, management forums for discussion, videos, written communications, bulletins).

❖ Motivation

The term Motivation is divide form word ‘MOTIVES’. Motives are those fore within an individual that compel him to act or not to act in certain ways. So MOTIVATION way be defined as a process of stimulating sub- ordinate to work hard with confidence towards the attainment of organizational goals.

In order to motivate a person it is necessary to satisfy his needs, needs may be classified as follows:


❖ Maintenance: It means arranging for the necessary facilities for the employees. It is an important function which includes providing healthy working
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