Background of Plainview Energy Concern

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Plainview's problem Plainview Energy Concern is a corporation that provides electricity to remote towns and outposts, but high product demand has become too much for Plainview's IT system that is not formulated to deal with the excess demand that has come pouring in. The new IT system that they intend to set up and are looking into has to effectively accomplish each of the following: It has to service each of their four offices that are situated in four different states as well as their three different manufacturing facilities. It has to provide superior security of communications data particularly since the company works with sensitive information and materials It has to be complex and large enough to deal with the massive flow of data coming through Software programming has to be conducted in-house by Plainview employees It has to be able to transmit large files over e-mails without outages occurring as frequently as they do at the moment. The program has to possess replicated capacity so that outside contractors, vendors, and customers can equitably and optimally communicate with the company using the same program. Recommendation It seems to me that the most suitable IT system for this situation and one that answers all of Plainview's dilemmas would be constructing a VLAN that uses a router and is constructed with Layer 3 switches. IP switches would be used since they are the most common among Layer 3 switches, and Layer 3 switches would be selected because

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