Background of Social Darwinism

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Racial profiling is not new, however, and was a theory of sociology in the late 19th century known as Social Darwinism. Incorrectly using Darwin's theory of evolution, the Social Darwinists believed that some species were morally superior to others, and even some races superior to others ADDIN EN.CITE Johnson200813(Johnson)13136Johnson, D.P.The Historical Background of Social DarwinismContemporary Sociological Theories2008New YorkSpringer ( HYPERLINK l "_ENREF_4" o "Johnson, 2008 #13" Johnson). Public perception, though, believes in favor of seeing race as a reason for crime, and having a considerable fear of anyone outside their own ethnic group depending on the situation. Similarly, much so-called "organized crime," amounting to billions of dollars annually has similar stereotypes of ethnic origin (e.g. Mafia La Costa Nostra, Russian Mafia, Chinese Triads, Mexican Mafia, etc.). Still, over the past few decades, at least since the Rodney King beating, the use of race by law enforcement, and then after 9/11 by Homeland security, has received considerable political and media attention. One is agog, for instance, at the number of traffic stops that seem to target certain drivers, or the amount of arrests for similar situations focused on minorities. We must remember, too, that racial profiling, or stereotyping, is nothing new for centuries, cultures have looked to the "other" for excuses to go to war, to incarcerate, or to find reason for authoritarian behavior. Witness the
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