Background of the Catholic Church Essay

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Background In the Western world, the schism within the Catholic Church has made its most significant impact due to rapid changes in social standards. Of greatest importance is the evolution of modern society and their response to the reverberated traditions of the Catholic Church as well as the evolving Protestant sects. In consequence of increases in technology and science, modern society has redefined its acceptable and moral behavioral standards within a social setting, whereas, the Catholic Church stands firm in its doctrines despite social and moral movements in the twentieth century. Except for the Second Vatican Council and the Council of Trent, the Roman Catholic Church has not worked to revise its religious traditions in…show more content…
I don’t believe that religious conversions need to take place, rather religious communication and understanding. The intolerance perpetuated by Catholicism is a feeling that I had at one point entertained in accordance with my Church’s attitude. It is only now, after exploring other religious services, I realize the ignorance that intolerance perpetuates and I have grown spiritually from this revelation. Upon these grounds I propose that it is reasonable and necessary to draw parallels between Protestant and Catholic religious services as a start to narrow the gap between Catholics and Protestants. It is in this acknowledgment of apparent similarities in worship that Protestants and Catholics would be able to appreciate each other for what they believe both religiously and socially. Whether or not people realize this point, religion even while separated from the state, influences how each individual approaches and interacts with another. The split between religion and state widened a gap within humanity. By fostering new relationships and new parallels within differing religions, this gap will begin to close. Since the Protestant Churches arose due to the Reformation and a separation from the authority of the Roman Catholic Church, there may exist Protestant rituals that parallel Catholic rituals. Moreover, by
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