Background of the Company Glaxosmithkline

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Table of Contents Background of the Study 3 Lawsuit & Settlement 6 What could be done to escape from the lawsuits? 7 References 8 Lawsuit: GlaxoSmithKline Background of the Study Over time, organizations in pharmaceutical industry have undergone significant technological changes. With these advancements and commercialism organizations are facing challenges to incorporate managing these changes in their operations. The current essay is based on the lawsuit for against GSK (GlaxoSmithKline) for which the company had to pay $250 million. The author will discuss the circumstances which lead to the lawsuit as well as the consequences of the lawsuit and what could be done to escape from this. In brief the essay is a report on the challenge GlaxoSmithKline which faced. GSK is a renowned pharmaceutical company originated from Great Britain. There has been a trend of competition and maximization of profit during the last 15 years, in particular, in response to global competitive pressures and short-term, materialistic demands from absentee investors, they have adopted cost cutting as their essential business model. They have increasingly treated employees as disposal parts of an impersonal system, as commodities to be used and eliminated whenever technology or outsourcing permits. The wisdom of designing meaningful work and of developing employees (Kenny, 2010), including their creativity and natural productivity, over the long run has been lost in the pressures for
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