Background of the NBA Lockout

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Introduction The middle ground argument is where by the positive and negative sides of a topic are looked at, carefully discussed and a middle or neutral position is taken for the two contrasting sides (Jasinski, 2006). In any contentious issue the person analyzing the situation should look at both sides of the issue. After critical analysis they can then state their stand which will favor neither side. Background The NBA lockout that was experienced in 2011 was the fourth lockout to have been experienced in the history of NBA. The lock out began on expiring of the collective bargaining agreement that had been made in 2006. The lockout lasted one hundred and sixty one days (CACCIOLA, 2011). The crucial issues that brought about the lockout that resulted from the disagreement of owners and players represented by National Basketball Players Association were the salary cap structure, the luxury tax and the way revenue was to be divided. When the lockout took place there was no trading by teams, no new signings and absolutely no contact with the players. After consecutive meetings, there was an agreement reached and a tentative deal made which was later ratified. The real gist of the lockout was the ratio of the revenue that each side was to take home from the total $4 billion. The players indicated that they were ready to concede on the salary issued but wanted a significant share of the revenue. On the other side, the owners indicated that they had and were still
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