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The showrunner Lara Azzopardi and I worked together on Martin Gero's The LA Complex and we had a total "showmance." I adore Lara. We vowed to work together on every project for all time ever. When Backstage was greenlit, she asked me to come on board as her right-hand woman. Best experience of my life. She will also be directing my feature film The Swearing Jar, shooting later this year and produced by my sister-in-law Jane Loughman! (David finally got something right.)

Why do you think Backstage TV has resonated so much with the fans?

Backstage never talks down to its audience. We made a grown-up show for kids, not a kids' show. It's got humor, heart, real relationships, relatable characters, heartbreak, love, loss... and some kick-ass dance, original music and visual art. I would watch this show, even if I wasn't working on it. (Well, I would shame-watch it in the basement and wonder why I'm so obsessed with a tween soap. But still.)

Also, the cast is out of this world. They have so much discipline and commitment. More than most adults!

Do you have a favorite episode or two of Backstage TV?

I love Lauren Gosnell's episode in Season One where Vanessa is finally able to dance again. It is a stunning episode. And the season finale is AMAZING, written by Lara herself. But honestly,
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But Kate is an optimal example of a woman who is not concerned with all the garbage with which the media bombards us all too regularly. And it's exponentially true when it comes to women! To find a woman who in this sometimes convoluted world who has made the decision to ignore the advice to change herself--even ignoring her agent!! (unheard of, right??) is even more stimulating! I loved her soapbox moment, and as a part of her virtual audience, I would yell, "Preach it,
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