Bacolod City College Students Entrance Examination System

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Chapter 1
An information system describes how the people and information technology communicates and interacts with each other. In modern age, information technological advancement has minimized the whole world. It gave lots of benefits for all business industries who were using it. With the use of advance technology, transaction became more fast, accurate and effective and as time passes by computers became more useful for every transaction being made. Modernization in every transaction became more popular as it reached even small organizations like school. School is one of the organizations that need advancement, because in this institution many transactions are made like the entrance examination.

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Rows of the matrix stand for the words of an essay, while columns of the matrix stand for the passage or document to which a term belongs. Each cell entry of the matrix is comprised of the frequency count of the word represented by its row in the passage indexed by its column. After transforming the essay into a matrix, the sell entries are subject to term weighting by some function. This is done to determine the word’s significance in distinguishing the passages. LSA then applies Singular Value Decomposition (SVD) to resulting matrix. SVD is a form of factor analysis where the matrix is further decomposed into three matrices such that when these three matrices are multiplied, the original matrix is yielded.
The automated essay evaluator (AEE) is a system capable of evaluating essay-type documents based on its grammar and content. It uses a combination of the rule-based natural language parsing technique and Latent Semantic Analysis. Fro these two kinds of assessments, the overall grade of an essay may be derived. Grammar checking takes into consideration spelling and sentence construction. Content assessment covers the measure of knowledge of the essay topic and conformity to its central idea. The system is trained on a set of pre-graded essays with one topic that would eventually make up its corpus to derived similarity measures, which is the basis for essay’s score. Modification can be made to the system’s
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