Bacon And Galileo

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Galileo and Bacon both illustrate the importance of prioritizing sensory experience over reason in one’s path to knowledge and both criticize traditional forms of philosophical reasoning as insufficient means of reaching scientific conclusions.(Thesis) Bacon states that the best path to gaining accurate and helpful knowledge is to “open up a new and certain path for the mind to follow, starting from sense-perception...the human senses and intellect should not be deprived of their authority but given help” (pages 2, 17). Bacon describes the importance of beginning one’s thought processes through their sensory experiences allows the mind to better analyze and open up your common perceptions. Galileo’s has similar views and demonstrates the importance of obtaining knowledge through one’s senses through his three characters that partake in…show more content…
Salviati rationality is evident when he states that he reproaches “those who give themselves up as slaves to him in such a way as to subscribe blindly to everything,” encouraging people to rather challenge perscribed ideas and form new paths in their thinking processes through their sensory experiences. } Galileo’s reasoning Bacon’s dialogue similarly displays that there are many faults in the rationalist perspective that are detrimental to learning, as he also states that there needs to be more variation to learning through the senses. Bacon describes how the “great restoration of learning and knowledge” is possible “if you are led by the evidence of your senses” (page 4).Bacon’s reasoning needs to be addressed Bacon and Galileo both insist that in in order to attain knowledge we must first beging (began) with evidence from our senses and then everything else we know depends comes from these sensory experiences are what will construct influence our thinking processes and
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