Bacon's Rebellion and Challenge

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Bacon's Rebellion and Challenge: Bacon's rebellion is a civil war that erupted between the English and the Indians in the Chesapeake whose main cause was land and labor. Since the English men were facing hunger, they decided to go out in search of greener pastures that included the search for new lands to do farming and later change it to cash. The farming itself involved looking a place that they would plant tobacco and as they were in this process, they came along some Indian communities who were already residing at their (English) border. That is when the conflict began whereby the Indian communities were beaten up and forced to flee from the area. This not only affected the Indians but also former servants who had worked with the colonialists and were part and parcel of the colonists as they ended up being landless. During this war, Bacon refused to send any troop that would assist in stopping the conflict leading to loss of lives and discrimination by the Indians. The Southerners were not needed by the government and even those who held top positions were ordered to be killed, removed forcefully from their positions, and sold into slavery. Since these individuals were under Bacon's power, they had no choice than to comply with the order. This war led to loss of properties and houses hence the Southerners became displaced and they even lost children due to the bad weather and sleeping in the cold. In the process of all these Berkeley called for an election to be
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