Bad Body Image

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Trying to decide what outfit to wear to school? What compliments your shape? Makes your legs look skinny? However you hate everything that you try on because you continually think that it looked so much better on the thin model in your latest magazine. Recent research is showing that you aren’t alone in your negative thinking. A research study in South- East England is showing that a growing problem is negative body image amongst females between the ages of 14-16. What is negative body image? Negative body image is when you feel uncomfortable and awkward in your body, having misleading views of certain body parts, and having feelings of humiliation, self- consciousness and unease about your body. But where does this negativity initiate from…show more content…
The goal of the research is two levels: 1.) To explore the girls’ actual media consumption and how they relate with thin media models in various categories of media. This first level of questioning was done by a survey. 2.) To experimentally examine if exposure to ultimate image models in different media forms has an impact on adolescent girls’ body and their unhappiness with their bodies. This was done by linking pictures of a band girl with music video or magazine article real life format of the same band girl. Two studies were conducted for each…show more content…
Are different media types associated with thinner characters or increased character identification than others?” (Bell, Dittmar. 2011.p.481) 2.) “Can body and appearance dissatisfaction be predicted by time spent engaging with a certain media type, or with the subtypes associated with that or is it the adolescents’ level of identification with the media models in different types of media that is most important?” (Bell, Dittmar. 2011.p.481) 3.) Do adolescents who strongly identify with the media models contained within one media type, also identify with thin models contained in other media types?” (Bell, Dittmar. 2011.p.481). The survey given to the girls contained questions about media use and measure of body image. The survey was divided into five sections: Internet, TV, music video, magazine and computer games. The girls were then asked to record the amount of time they spent with each various type of
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