Bad Body Image Research Paper

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It has always been known that the media can have impacts on several aspects of our lives. Both the young and the old are both affected by whatever the media puts out, positive or negative. However, women in particular are the ones that are most affected by the media. Magazines, television commercials, and even fast food ads all subject women. Women in those ads are usually seen to be thin, busty, or are known to have certain features that “supposedly” make them more attractive than those of their other female counterparts. Women often compare themselves to what they see in the media and may feel that they are not good enough when they do not match up to society’s “required” standard of beauty. They often develop eating disorders and do other harmful things to their body in order to achieve the “ideal” body type. Should the media take all the blame for bad body images or are there other factors involved?…show more content…
In this academic journal, they are exploring the correlation between the media and bad body image. They are also trying to see if family and social peers, and internal self-conflict have a correlation as well. Factors such as family background and peer pressure are not always thought about in relation to a women’s low self-esteem. For instance, in many Asian cultures, being thick is not usually seen as a good thing. However, in many Spanish speaking households and even in some African households, being thick usually indicates that you are being fed well and that one is healthy. Usually when a person is being ridiculed by their own family members, their self-esteem may decrease. The same goes for peer pressure and peer attitude. As stated before, women are known to compare themselves. If they see a certain body type or feature is being praised more, they will try to do what they can to achieve that look for themselves. Which is it
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