Bad Bosses in Literature

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These various types of literature range from plays, to poems, and even short stories. Although the literature stated above may be different types, they all have potential to share the same aspect. The aspect that is similar to all the literary works we have reviewed over the course of the semester was bad bosses and how bad bosses have changed for the better or for the worst as time progresses. One piece of literature that I have chosen is the story Bartleby the Scrivener which was written by Herman Melville. The story revolves around a lawyer that who helps out wealthy people in ways such as mortgages, titles deeds, and such. The lawyer has two scriveners which are professional or public copyist or writers named Nippers, and Turkey. The lawyer also hires a man named Bartleby which makes him the boss figure in this particular piece of literature. Bartleby appears to be well equipped for the job, as he produces a large amount of work. One day, though, when asked by the “Boss” to help proofread a copied document, Bartleby responds for the first time which turns out to be the major response in the story with "I would prefer not to". To the “Bosses” disbelief and to the irritation of the other employees, Bartleby begins performing fewer and fewer tasks around the office. The lawyer who in this story, which also symbolizes the “Boss” makes several attempts to reason with him and to…

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