Bad Boy Book Report

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Bad Boy is a memoir about Walter Dean Myers. He is a 77 year old man that was born on August 12, 1937, and died on July 1, 2014. Won the many awards and has become an ambassador of literature for children. He has written over a 100 books in the past 45 years of his life. He’s lived a very hard life, when it comes to school and home. His mother Florence Dean was a very loving and determined mother when it comes to taking care of her children. Walter and Florence always talked and got along when he was a child, they took their time to read magazines and watch television. When Walter was a child he had speech problems and that had affected him during school, everyone would make fun of him and teased him of how he spoke and they would mimic him on everything that he said. He couldn’t take enough of it, so he would hit the kids that would bully him so people wouldn’t mess with him. Walter loves to read and write poems. He would always write poems to his mother. He would go through teachers each grade he went and all would say that he is a trouble maker because he would hit…show more content…
Herbert Deans’ brother had died and they were very close, this had caused depression in the house hold for many years. Around 15 to 16 years old Walter had to go and get a job to take care of his family because his mother had become stressed and depressed in which she had stared to drink. During those times Walter had been wanting a type writer that he had seen and been working shifts and saving his money with his mother so that she could take care until the time came for Walter to go and buy his type writer. His mother had spent all the money on numbers and she had lost, Walter got upset and wouldn’t talk to her which made her drink more. This book is about someone’s life, a real life and in that time it was hard for people with darker skin to live in our country with cruelty of
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