Bad Budget Cuts Essay

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Bad Budget Cuts The budget cuts being put into effect soon are all wrong. The government should not be putting the cuts on the military the cuts should be on something else. The military needs that money for a number of things. The government is coming up with the plan to cut the military’s money, cut a large sum of soldiers, make it to where the country will not be able to be protected, and puts thousands of soldiers in trouble because of increases in healthcare and decreases in pay. A plan to cut the military budget has been made and will most likely be put into effect soon. A debt in the United States has been increasing for years so the government thinks the best way to get it to come down some is to make cuts and use the money…show more content…
The military needs this money to maintain order, equipment, and keep soldiers in the fight. Soldiers will be pulled out of the military because of this cut. They plan to shrink the military down to levels it has not seen in seventy-four years (Hicks 1). The soldiers being cut though are the active duty soldiers. These are the people who are serving right now and they are being forced out of the military and all they get is their last pay check and go back to civilian life. They plan to cut the army from 570,000 soldiers to 490,000-420,000 soldiers by 2019 (V, EnBrook, and Locker 1). This is not a suitable amount of soldiers to protect the United States. There is a high chance of war because of what is happening in Ukraine at the moment and the government is deciding to cut the military’s budget. Army leaders said the service could not adequately protect the country and fight abroad at the 420,000 soldier level (V, EnBrook, and Locker 1). “The army can barely live with 450,000 soldiers,” said Maren Leed (V, EnBrook, and Locker 2). History has showed the United States has been in substantial conflicts every twenty years (V, EnBrook, and Locker 2). Some soldiers have a hard enough time as it is the pay checks for the military are not big unless you are in a Sargent position or in a general’s position. The soldiers being cut will have an even harder time with all the jobs being taken up. Generals are also being cut not all of

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