Bad Dates And Street Sex Trade

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It is no secret that sex work is a growing industry, as it is essentially a commercial enterprise in our society. Many of the people who work in this business typically turn to prostitution for economic purposes as a result from poor education and poverty. Sex work is often linked to violence and victimization from clients and other perpetrators, but even so, it is not always true. The expectation that Bill C-36 will prevent harm to the susceptible portion of the population from acts of violence and exploitation will result in prostitution being criminalized. However, the criminalization of prostitution will lead to increased violence and stigmatization against sex workers, limited access to healthcare and a violation of their human…show more content…
Off-street workers are found in venues such as massage parlours or as escorts, whereas street-based workers work strictly on the streets and are exposed to a higher risk of violence. Increased risk exposures to violence were found among street-based workers, with levels ranging from sexual, verbal and economic violence.
It was also learned that sex workers could control certain factors to decrease their vulnerability to violence. Their choice of venue was a major factor, the structure of the environment they were in, independence and their control over the services they provided to clients. Overall, what was found in contrast to street-based sex workers, the majority of off-street workers in the study experienced little to no victimization while working in this industry. The main question that we should be asking now is “what conditions are considered safe and violent-free for sex workers to work under”?

Proceeding forward, by criminalizing sex work, it increases the vulnerability to HIV and interrupts treatment. Since the criminalization of sex work, many of the laws involve the sale and purchase of sex such a soliciting in certain public areas. Various laws interfere with HIV prevention by pushing for condom negotiations and screening among clients. As a result, prostitutes are placed in unsafe work environments, typically away from medical services that could be provided to them. A recent study was conducted in Vancouver, British Columbia, analyzing the
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