Bad Drivers Research Paper

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(Introduction) People who drive poorly do not help the community. They endanger the safety of not only themselves, but everyone around them. These drivers disrespect the rules and other people on the roads. Poor drivers also need to learn the rules of the road and learn to have patience for new drivers. Lousy drivers threaten the safety of all other people on the road by driving distracted. Many awful drivers seem to think of their commute as a challenge to accomplish as many activities as possible. They pay more attention to the small phone in their hand than the hundreds of drivers all around them. These drivers talk on their phones and talk to others in their car, including friends or their kids. People are also distracted by eating while…show more content…
Road rage occurs when a person becomes incredibly worked up over an insignificant problem while driving. It can lead to these drivers disregarding the safety of others, because they are angry. Road rage can be caused by different events in particular people. Heavy traffic or seeing others make mistakes can be origins of road rage. Driving too fast or too slow also can cause accidents. The speed limits are in place for a reason. They are meant to help people, and they are not mild suggestions for how fast a driver should be going. However, this does not mean that drivers should drive a large amount under the speed limit to avoid speeding. This can lead to more accidents, with people trying to speed around these drivers and cutting others off in their lane. (Concluding Sentence). Some habits of awful drivers are to be drunk while driving or driving while they are tired. Driving drunk is one of the worst things a person could do while driving. It endangers the lives of themselves and others. Drivers cannot concentrate on the road while drunk or pay attention to everything. The alcohol causes people to loose essential judgment skills needed for driving, especially at night. Thousands of accidents each year are caused by drinking and driving. People driving while tired also threaten other driver's lives on the road. Being tired can help drivers to lose focus and
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