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Dan Rowley
Professor Fallica
Intro to Film Studies
Bad Education The film Bad Education, like all films, is judged in two separate facets of the filmmaking process, the films structure or its formal issues and the films real world concerns or its social issues. This intricate film’s plot and timeline make for an interesting and methodically thought out effect on these issues. Bad Education’s use of both a nonlinear storyline and its timeline in Spanish culture show a calculating execution of director Pedro Almodovar’s design for the film. The narrative used in Bad Education is nonlinear and jumps back and forth between the past, present, and alternate telling of the past through the use of a film within a film. Ignacio,
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Ignacio dies while writing a letter to Enrique. Back in the present the movie ends as Enrique kicks Juan out of his house, as Juan gives him Ignacio’s half finished letter. Enrique releases the movie but severs his relationship with Juan. This convoluted narrative is purposefully done this way in order to have the viewer guessing at all times what is truly going on in the movie. If told in a linear fashion this movie would have no intrigue and no twists, it would just be the story of how a movie came into being. Instead the viewer of Bad Education has very little idea of the characters’ motivations throughout the movie. At first the character of Ignacio as played by Juan is deserving of sympathy, it seems as though he is the target of molestation by Father Manolo at a young age but rises above this early tragedy to pen a movie that a respected filmmaker has taken an interest in making. However as the film reveals more and more of the past timelines, he becomes a despicable character murdered his only brother with the help of his brother’s molester, stole his brother’s identity, and defrauded his way into a movie deal. The single character of Father Manolo and Manuel Berenguer also go through a transformation, albeit a less drastic one, that would only be possible with the movie’s disjointed timeline. Father Manolo is the film’s villain

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