Bad Effect of Pro-Wrestling on on Teens and Adolscents

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The news that an eight-year-old boy had battered a school mate to death while re-enacting the US World Wrestling Federation TV series, came as a shock to all the parents. The tragedy consequently galvanized the people into reviewing their relations with the television set and set some limits on viewing of T.V. on their children. Four eight-year-old boys - Tom, Eric, William and James -did not come to school after lunch and dashed into a secluded place. Then they divided into two groups. While two of them , one from each side stood aside the other two got into a fight with blows and kicks on whatever parts of the body, Eric and James pounced on each other. Within seconds, James fell on the ground bleeding profusely through mouth and…show more content…
All this shows the adolescents that it is OK to use violence to resolve conflicts - even if dealing with girls. The way wrestlers use dangerous means to fight on another, like with a chair , it conveys a violent message to the viewers. Thirdly, by seeing woman being referred in derogatory terms like ‘bitch’, the teens especially the males start to see the females in an inferior manner which results in increasing number of date fights which are not just verbal but physical as well. Thus, the language and the violence used in the wrestling shows is adapted by the teens both males and females which increase the amount of acute fights among males and females. I know some people will refute back and say that wrestling has nothing to do with teen behavior. Wrestling Fans may say that wrestling is just a form of entertainment but they don’t realize that even entertainment has some limits and should be restricted to a certain limit. Pro wrestling promoters claim they have issued numerous public service announcements warning against the practice of duplicating the pro wrestling stunts seen on television. Supporters ask why pro wrestlers should be blamed for the injuries caused by those who imitate them when no one blames professional football players when young people are hurt emulating them. Well how can a family entertainment be compared to wrestling. Others might argue that humans have a basic temperament and nature of weather

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