Bad Effects Of Wikipedia Research

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This article talks about the different ways that wikipedia can be harmful to you research and also the way that wikipedia can help with your research. The article states that Wikipedia is a good source to use in the beginning stages of your research when selecting topics. Wikipedia is good for being research because it gives you a brief yet informative summary on your topic. Wikipedia can also help by giving you links to more credible articles on the particular topic that can be researching. The article also mentioned that wikipedia is also good for coming up with ideas to do research on; because if you type broad topic in wikipedia you are most likely to find topics within that article. Those sub topics that you find on wikipedia will be current and relevant to you target audience because wikipedia is always being updated.…show more content…
Wikipedia is not a credible source for one reason because anybody can go on wikipedia and change information on the site. Another reason is that wikipedia is always changing and being updated when new information is released on that topic. Usually when writing in college your instructor want the writing to be narrowed down and on one particular thing and to have multiple different sources. Beside s wikipedia this article also mentioned the importance of revision. They stated that it is always good to have a peer or someone else review your writing before submitting the finalized version. Revision is good because other people might catch the mistakes that you might have overlooked and they can also help somethings that your should rewrite for clarity purpose. From this article I got that wikipedia is a good starter place for coming up with research topics and gathering information, but not actually good source to
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