Bad Eyes

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Humans express emotions and feelings through various outlets. We are born with senses that allow us to feel and express a wide arraignment of emotions. When one of these senses fail we are automatically disabled, but many find alternatives to express these emotions. Erin McGraw in “Bad Eyes” learns to express her emotions through the use of extensive metaphors that allow the reader to feel what she is writing. The metaphors create a bridge that helps us to understand what McGraw faces throughout her life. The reader gains insight to her troubles, fears, and growth, which creates a deep understanding of the text.

Erin McGraw’s extensive use of metaphors, gives the reader access to her mind that would otherwise have been closed off. As you
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Due to her failed eyes, she lost faith in herself as well as her mind. She felt comfortable in the judgment of others and trusted them over hers. “I drew other people's opinions over me like a blanket. Sight, it seemed, blended right into insight, and to perceive anything was to make a judgment call. Since the people around me had the first kind of sight, I was willing to grant that they had the second. And then the corollary: since I lacked the one, I surely lacked the other.”(pg378. ) She had created a safety net that she could no longer break free from. This net caused her to belief that because she lacked proper eyesight, her mind to had failed her. McGraw’s greatest fear was to be caught helpless and blind, “Nevertheless, my heart was whapping now, hurting me. I was foolish to stand so publicly, blinking and helpless, right in the middle of the sidewalk. Anyone could have sneaked up, knocked me to the ground”. She was terrified of the fact that she could easily become a target to bullies and would have little to no defense if that were to happen, , “I was constantly aware that my next breath might leave me marooned, half-blind, vulnerable. The fact that no one ever treated me with anything but solicitude – often strangers got down on their hands and knees with me - did nothing to soften my fear” (pg. 376). However, instead of conquering this fear she seems to embody it. McGraw allows her fear and disability to engulf her. As her
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