Bad Girls in School

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A summary of the story BAD GIRLS IN SCHOOL This story starts off with three girls going to Redeemer College a school for only girls, they have caused so much trouble for the time they have been attending the school and have given it a bad reputation. Ta Jeeka Brentford, Caledonia Nuttall and Katreena Melmac has made it their duty to disobey anyone who tries to tell them what is right but on a July afternoon a meeting is called to decide what to do with the three girls but the principal’s mind has been made up for expulsion. However the chairman of the school board Canon Rodney Pryce and the junior librarian Elaine Mico does not think that is a good idea, they believe that the girls need a second chance to prove themselves. Still thinking…show more content…
She did not find that this ILU thing made any sense; she wasn’t interested because she had no plans of going to university or any college. At home the girls’ life was totally different Caledonia and her mother had lots of problems she thought her mother hated her because of all the trouble she had caused her mother in dealing with her education. Caledonia had a step father which she loved very much, he understood her and listens to every word she says when they are speaking. Caledonia had been having a secret relationship with her father’s brother and only her friends knew about it. She said that he made her feel good about herself and called her nice. Her friends told her that this was not good for her that she needed to end this relationship before it gets out of hand but Caledonia said that she could not because her step uncle had become over attached to her and she had already tried to end it with him but he said that he would do anything for her and she stayed with him. Ta Jeeka lived with her grandmother and her father who was an alcoholic, and her grandmother owned a bar. Ta Jeeka likes going out to dances and parties and dressed up like a ‘skettel’ as her grandmother would say. She had to make her appearance at the dance in the square but before she did she had to show her grandmother what she was wearing but her grandmother didn’t
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