Bad Grades Equals No Driver’s License

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Bad Grades Equals No Driver’s License: Bad Policy Imagine if you were in high school and you weren't the brightest student, which resulted in bad grades, and then there was a policy made where you couldn't even get your driver’s license until your grades got up and stayed up. This is a policy that is being debated on by some legislators who think it’s a good policy and some who don’t think it’s such a good policy. I would be siding with the legislators who don’t think it’s a good policy. It’s not a good policy because I feel like it’s not really the legislators place. Also, students would be getting good grades for the wrong reasons. Lastly, someone’s academic in school doesn’t have anything to do with the ability to drive. Legislators…show more content…
This statistic proves how not many students are doing as good, considering the majority of them scored “below basics”. However, if we were to pass the policy then the score would most likely rise because students would be working harder in school and doing what they need to do. It could possibly give the student a better comprehension level and decision making level, so when they do begin driving the people around them along with themselves will be safer. However, their argument would be invalid considering that students’ grades/ intelligence level and their driving skills don’t have anything to do with the other. If students are getting good grades in school it doesn’t necessarily mean that their driving skills are going to be equal with the intelligence level. Besides, in an article it reads that, “The mean grade point average for female high school graduates was 3.10 in 2009, .33 higher than the average GPA for young women in 1990. The average GPA for male high school graduates over the same period rose .31 points to 2.90.” and that, “Some say this means American high schools are churning out smarter, harder-working students.”( U.S. News). This evidence proves that the policy that students should have good grades before they can receive their license is unnecessary because students are already doing better grade wise. I can’t say myself for a fact that teens
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