Bad Habits : Bad Driving Habits

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Bad driving habits
Today a lot of people have bad driving habits. There is no need to go far to detect individuals driving with poor driving skills and dangerous techniques. Too many men and women have bad driving habits, and they can be seen almost anywhere, especially on highways. There are lot a different dangerous habits that affect people every day’s lives in different ways.
Driving in general can be hazardous. Driving and having such a distraction as a cell phone at ear, or ringing somewhere in a car, is ten times more dangerous. Not surprisingly, drivers who use a cell phone while driving perceive cell phone use by others as less of a threat to their safety as do non-users. A huge number of accidents caused by talking on a cell phone. During the last 5 years texting has become insanely popular. It’s a great and convenient tool because people don’t have to call person to just say ‘ok’ on that dinner invitation. The worst part is that many people still think that texting while driving just that ‘ok’ is ok. Unfortunately, even with traffic police enforcing those ‘no cellphone’ laws, individuals still neglect those simple safety concerns. People need to start understanding themselves how dangerous it is.
Few years ago I was in Florida. My friend and I were driving back from a little town on the Atlantic coast back to Orlando to catch our flight back home. It was a warm sunny afternoon, but fifteen minutes later it was pouring rain and we could not see beyond the hood.…

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