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Something I learned from "Bad Habits And Your World" is that if you have a bad habit there will always be an opportunity to turn it into a good habit. Often, people do not realize what they do can potentially be a bad habit or is currently a bad habit for them, people can do a habit more than once on a daily basis and will not be aware to what it is they are doing. You have to be able to admit that you have a problem before you can move on from there to the next step to where you can fix the lousy habit but only if you are committed to it. Once you start learning new routines or patterns instead of your old bad habits, it will then become effortless to not think about smoking, biting your nails, having a bad diet, or any of those choices, because your habit learning system…show more content…
The repercussions can be deadly not only to you, but to the people that surround you. It could be a simple fix like biting your nails or staying on your phone during class when you know there is a test you have to study for the next day. In essence, it discusses how to turn a bad habit into a helpful one and steps on how to do those things in case you do not know or if you were wanting to know them.
I will apply this knowledge of this article I read by turning my bad habit of doing my homework pages, projects and college essays on the last day or the day of, into doing it way before the paper or project is due. I started off by admitting I wait until the very last moment to do something and sometimes realize it is too late to do or it does not look like a passing grade to my teachers or professors. The second step I did was actually committed to sticking to turning my bad habit into a good habit of typing this paper up as soon as I had a day off from work and not at 10 at night or 11 at night, staying up until the morning or until the sun came up. Once I read this I knew a sudden change to my lifestyle had to be applied or something had to
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