Bad Impact of Cartoons on the Minds of the Youngs

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Bad impact of indian cartoons on the minds of our young children Introduction: The mass media occupy a high proportion of our leisure time: people spend, on average, 25 hours per week watching television. For children, watching television takes up a similar amount of time to that spent at school or with family and friends. Children have become much more interested in cartoons over many years and it has become a primary action to some lives. Typically, children begin watching cartoons on television at an early age of six months, and by the age two or three children become enthusiastic viewers. Cartoon mania has gripped the children so much that they are ready to do anything to have a view of their favourite cartoon channels and…show more content…
The most direct and obvious way in which viewing violence contributes to violent behavior is through imitation or social learning. There is a wealth of psychological research demonstrating that learning often occurs through imitation, and, of course, most parents know that children imitate televised words and actions from an early age. We are all familiar with incidents in which criminal and lethal violence has had an uncanny resemblance to a scene in a movie. However, any crime is the result of many influences acting together, and skeptics and even researchers will point out that isolated anecdotes cannot be generalized to society at large. Because most children are so fully immersed in our media culture, it is usually difficult to link a specific media program to a specific harmful outcome, even though some similarities between media scenarios and subsequent acts seem too close to be considered coincidences. For over 40 years, parents, scholars, and policy makers have raised concerns about the impact of childrens exposure to violent media content. Social scientists have extensively documented the detrimental effects of exposure to inappropriate cartoon content on children (Murray, 1995) while the content makers deny those effects (Valenti, 2000). Regardless of the debate or the

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