`` Bad Indians `` By Deborah Miranda

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In Deborah Miranda’s memoir “Bad Indians”, she uses documents, images, and drawings to expose colonial violence and provides evidence of a history of conquest. There are different types of colonial violence that are depicted throughout her memoir, such as: physical, emotional, sexual, and cultural violence. Additionally, Miranda exposes the nature of colonial violence by providing evidence by implementing particular sources to contribute in confirming the history of conquest throughout the lives of California Mission Indians. The California Mission Indian’s first account of colonial violence was physical violence through corporal punishment. Miranda provides evidence to expose corporal punishment with the use of descriptions and pictures…show more content…
11). Mission Indians were considered savage uncivilized people because their customs were different than that of the Spanish; Indian’s were brought to the missions to strip any form of freedom of religion, culture, and language. Mistreatment was prevalent because of the ideology of complete transformation of Mission Indian’s, and created psychological disorders. In Miranda’s document “Genealogy of Violence, Part 1”, there is a sequence linking Spanish Mission’s to emotional abuse which led to high suicide rates, domestic violence, clinical depression, and post-traumatic stress disorder. Furthermore, Miranda also creates a “Genealogy of Violence, Part 2”, where she inputs individual reports made from different missions that discusses the normal family dynamic between the child and parent of early Mission Indians. However, below each passage from the mission’s, contained personal accounts of emotional abuse Miranda’s father had exhibited on her family. Additionally, Miranda explains in each passage how the result of her father being emotionally abusive was in direct correlation of the abuse experienced in the mission’s that has been passed down. Specifically, Miranda states, “More than anything else we brought with us out of the missions, we carry the violence we were given…” (Miranda, pg. 34). Miranda exposes the emotional Halpert 3 abuse
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