Bad Messages of Magazine Advertisements

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Everyone has seen advertisements in magazines where the alluring blond is showing off a bikini and a muscular man is looking directly at her. These ads are deceiving due to the influences they put in teenager’s minds. Young girls and boys are affected everyday by these advertisements. Girls want to be thinner and look prettier, but the truth is that the models in teen magazine advertisements have unhealthy body images. The bodies seen in magazine advertisements force girls and boys to put their own bodies at risk, and go beyond what is healthy to achieve that certain image of perfection. Teen magazines should ban advertisements with models who have unhealthy body images, perhaps causing teens to doubt their own self-worth. Teen magazines should have healthy and realistic looking models in advertisements. Instead of having models who look sick and unhealthy, magazine advertisements should have average looking men and women, so boys and girls will not deprive themselves. When girls and boys see models with huge muscles or extremely flat stomachs, these images cause the teenagers to lose their self-esteem. Teenagers want to have the best or “perfect” body, “Magazines are filled with ‘perfect’ models who have what one would perceive as, a perfect body” (Song). When teens see what they consider “perfection”, they will go to risky lengths to achieve that look. With healthy models, teenagers can boost their self-esteem by working hard to achieve a goal without going
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