Bad Modo Redux Research Paper

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Bad Mojo Redux is Got Game's remastered version of Pulse Entertainment's 1996 full-motion-video adventure game, which was re-released for modern computers digitally by Night Dive Studios in 2014. Bad Mojo Redux stars an embittered etymologist plotting to embezzle a substantial research grant and relocate to Mexico, however, before he is able to do so, events transpire leaving him transformed into a cockroach - it's all pretty weird. Does Bad Mojo Redux hold up 20 years after its initial release? Unique Premise Executed Fairly Well Roger Samms laments his misfortunate life so far, a life filled with bullying, rejection, and one that has consistently cast him in the role of the victim unwillingly. However, he has decided that enough is enough and has taken his fate into his own hands; he plans to embezzle a substantial research grant and covertly relocate to Mexico. As he is about to finish packing, an aggressive knock on his front door abruptly interrupts his train of thought. Roger opens the door to reveal the obnoxious figure of Eddie, his landlord and proprietor of what has to be the filthiest establishment located on the waterfront - if not the entire city. Eddie demands that Roger pays his rent immediately, and Roger reluctantly accommodates his inquiry - just to rid himself of…show more content…
Perhaps the most interesting way they utilize the setting is by providing exposition and backstory through objects located in the environment. At several times throughout Bad Mojo Redux's relatively short runtime, you will find yourself traversing death certificates and other objects betraying the relationships between characters, and provides insight into their motivations and dispositions. I feel this works exceedingly well conceptually - it makes thoroughly scouring the environments for pictures, documents, and other objects informing the narrative one of the most enjoyable aspects of Bad Mojo
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