Bad Moon Case Study

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Even though there were eight people in each of the three sections (including Hannelore’s) did in fact received some form of assistance of their own while they were on the field, the one under Germania received the most support. Thanks to business transactions with Chandler the Fair’s section, in addition to Germania’s dialogue with Christian Falkenrath, the AL were grateful to allow the crew members of their unique Jackbooter crew known as Bad Moon to serve alongside them. And so in turn, they were grateful to inform its leader, Loki, that a robust redhead and Ryanite Valkyrie was coming to see him and his crew on the morning hours of the 1st of July. Walking past the opened door of the male dormitory where Loki and his boys were staying, ignoring the watchful gazes of the young men who also happened to be sharing the same living quarters at the times, their eyes in awe of both Hannelore’s imposing stature and style of dress only distinct to that of the Ryanite Curlies. Alert and focused, she walked through its halls, searching for the dorm room of Bad Moon’s male members. With determined perseverance, she eventually discovered their dorm room, distinguishable by the appearance of a small paper cutout of the Republic Program’s flag on the door. Upon reaching the conclusion that she…show more content…
Even though the Underground have not been able to show their faces the previous day, Germania’s section and the Bad Moon crew remained ever so vigilant as they conducted the final day of conducting surveys. On the other hand, even if no Underground do show up, regardless of the circumstances, Germania and her section will see to it that nothing happens to the work their fellow Kameraden had done. And just as she expected, the Underground did not show up at all. Thankfully for her, it meant that everything went well for Action Andy and his section, but the same could have been said for
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