Bad Neighbor Policy: Washington?s futile war on drugs in Latin America?

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Book review: “Bad Neighbor Policy: Washington’s futile war on drugs in Latin America” Edited by Ted Galen Carpenter Overview Introduction                                                       3 I Modest results after thirty years of war                              4…show more content…
Carpenter, who is Vice President for Defence and Foreign Policy studies at the Cato Institute in Washington, gives clearly his negative opinion on what is for him the drug war failure. This “war” has for purpose to protect the American population against the drug scourge; however this war is mainly set in Latin America. In fact the United States war on drugs began with the entry of Richard Nixon as President in the White house. The year 1968 is marked by the will to eradicate the narcotic problem in United States. Because the supply comes from Latin America, President Nixon decides to cut the supply, by intervening directly in Latin America whether than on the American territory. The problematic of the book seems to be: What are the consequences of the American war on drugs in Latin America? In fact the consequences on the United States territory are not shown, which should be, considering the conclusion, the purpose of the book. In this book review, we will in a first part discuss about the global results of this war. Then we will consider the strategy adopted by the American governments

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