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Police data published by Daily Mail on the Internet, provides evidence suggesting that one crime is committed every five seconds in the United States of America. Resulting in seventeen thousand two hundred eight crimes per day. This shocking number evidently demonstrates that on average too many crimes are committed everyday, and while this data is a reliable source that can be relied on to give people an idea of how many crimes are committed everyday on average; it fails in informing us on the reasons or in what situation the criminals were in to have to be in a position to break the law. Many criminals are thought to be bad people who do things just because they are bad, but many times not being a criminal for many people is inevitable.…show more content…
According to Aristotle (philosopher) in the book of Nicomachean Ethics, Aristotle proved that the most important stage of life for a person is the early stages of when we are kids, because its when we start making sense of the world, and it’s when we also start to develop, or learn habits. He also mentions that habits integrate into our life shaping our character, and that ounce that happens it’s very difficult to ever change. So should kids who have no choice on which habits their families or role models present to them be held responsible for their learning’s and actions, even though they had no other teachings that taught them otherwise? This demonstrates that the education that kids receive from their families plays an enormous role on who they will become when they grow up, and that kids have no say on what their life will be like because of family conditions that lead to poor education, and bad habits. People don’t have a choice on who they want their family to be, or if they want them to be rich or poor, and as demonstrated in this paragraph, bad habits are developed by bad education.
What happens when the leader of the family has done everything in their power to protect their family, but they can’t so they have to break the law? Should it ever be allowed
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I believe that people who have necessities in life have no choice than to do anything to no longer have those necessities. Many people grow up not having anything going towards their way say they end up getting involved in gangs, and doing bad things breaking the law everyday. But what happens when you are the head of the family and you’re not putting food on the table and the only way out of that is by selling drugs? Everyone generally assumes that people in jail, or prison had something to do with drugs. I’m not saying that everyone is in a correctional facility because of drugs, but a big percentage of the people in jail in ghetto places are because of drugs, and why is that? Because drugs are the easiest way of getting out of being poor, or at least that what people who sell them think. When a teenager is arrested because of possession of drugs in a ghetto town, it’s not very alarming because we all expect that to happen, but what happens when a middle age white man who has never had any problems with the law is arrested for the same reason? That’s when we start asking questions and learn the truth of why people act in such ways. The person known as the head of the family is usually always thought to be the leader of the family. The leader of the family has responsibilities, and one of them is to provide for the family, and to protect them. Many family leaders have always been very
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