Bad Side Effects of Using Computer to Human Health and Way to Overcome

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SMK KETARI, 27600 BENTONG PENYELIDIKAN PELAJAR PRA-UNIVERSITI 2010 RESEARCH TITTLE: BAD SIDE EFFECTS OF USING COMPUTER TO HUMAN HEALTH AND WAY TO OVERCOME STUDENT NAME: CHEN KAH FEI CLASS: PRA-U KA1 MENTOR NAME: PN. CHANDRIKA ANNE ABSTRACT This research is a study about the bad side effects of using computer to human health. Since, computer is widely used by all level of community, so we should know the bad side effect of using computers to our health. In order to reduce the bad side effects of using computers, this research suggests the ways to maintain our health when using computer. INTRODUCTION The health problems that arise because of the use of computers, in this country had increased from…show more content…
Posture and Tension We should spend 10 or 15 minutes of every hour doing contrasting activities, which involve bending, stretching, moving about and generally all those things which we are not doing in front of the screen. 2. Breathing and Blood Circulation Practice taking a few deep breaths, often while working at your computer. Get up and move about regularly, try to introduce some aerobic exercise into these breaks. Do whatever it takes to get the blood moving around in the body, to get your lungs opened up and cleared out. 3. Digestive System and Skin Health Eat away from the computer. Take a break, walk to the shop and buy some fresh food, prepare it yourself, eat it in a relaxed manner. Focus your attention on the food and the enjoyment of it. Drink regularly. Keep a large jug or bottle of fresh water on the desk. Get up frequently and make a herb tea drink like Chamomile or Rosehips or Mint for example. 4. Electromagnetic Radiation To avoid electromagnetic radiation, take regular breaks from your computer and don''t take these breaks in front of the T.V. 5. Eye Health Look into the distance every 15 minutes to relax your eye muscles make a conscious effort to blink several times during the break period.

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