Bad Study Habits Of College Students

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“Most students enter college with positive expectations and with intentions to graduate; however, many of them face obstacles and challenges during their adjustment period and leave college before completing their degrees.” (Boyraz, Granda, Baker, Tidwell, & Waits, 2016) According Pardon Our Interruption (2011) statistics show that 30% of college students drop out after their Freshmen year. This is due to reasons such as not being able to successfully cope with the transition, lack of financial support from parents, not being able to balance working and school, and life demands. But for the students that decide to continue with their education, they forced to worth though many academic struggles in order to reach their ultimate goal.
Study Habits
The most common academic challenges are understanding the content of the course, effective study times, lack of motivation for the course or school, and poor basic skill such as reading, math, and writing. Bad study habits that many student display are cramming for a test, multi-tasking, studying in a nonproductive environment, and skimming through the textbook or notes. By cramming weeks worth of information into the brain it can cause misunderstanding of facts, loss of sleep, anxiety, and inability to transfer information from short term memory to long term term information and ultimately this can lead to long term mental, physical, and emotional impairments. Although some students may still receive a good grade from cramming…
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