Bad Things Happen You Good People And Bad People Alike

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Bad things happen to good people and bad people alike. There is no such thing as God or Satan. The existence of evil proves that there can be no God. The things that occur in our universe are chance and can be explained by science. Enter humans and you have free will and free thinking which can lead to actions and consequences. Free will gives way to moral consequences.
Bad things happen to people because it is part of a greater cosmic roll of the dice. We have evolved and become higher functioning, deeper thinking, and longer living human beings. As the world societies grew so did destruction of our planet and the resources we have learned to wield from it. Humans are products of their environment and upbringing which influences the morality of a person, and their capacity to be evil. “Once it is understood that most suffering, although not all, is the result of the poor choices of human beings (ourselves and others), the result of our failure to actualize the appropriate values possible at every moment, we may be more inclined to seek to reduce significantly these poor choices. This optimistic view, I submit, need not be realized to render the aesthetic theodicy viable. I am not under any idealistic delusion that the human species will learn to act more ethically and responsibly, although I retain the hope that this might occur eventually.” (Whitney, pg. 26)
Evil People are a reason why bad things happen to good people. I define evil as the intent to do harm either
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