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The End

"All good things must come to an end."

You 've been reading (or writing) about self-help for way too long.

What is the good of all this self-help if it doesn 't even get you results? (And I think the truth of the matter will surprise you.)

So all the writings on this blog have led to incredible insights (and I 've probably written about all the self-help out there). The articles were so good that I could later prove them with scientific studies. So I got to the same conclusions without conducting expensive experiments (I wasn 't always dead on, but close enough to show the power of writing and critical thinking).

However, that isn 't enough. I 'm always looking for, not just the best self-help, but
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And when I do it, I get an emotional rush.

But before I give the answer, let 's cover what I used to think it was...

How You Can Permanently Change Your Life For the Better

So in my article, How to Permanently Change Your Life for the Better, I said that external factors are what you need to change your life. And people are the best external factors out there. And I talked here about how other people are probably the only way we can change ourselves.

(I remember one self-help guru talking about how you have to throw yourself to the wolves to keep that motivation alive, to keep yourself from getting soft. And he talked about how he came back from his weak, pathetic state. However, and he lets it slip, then he says that what really brought him back was his friends. They motivated him and they helped him, whether directly or indirectly, to be better and to come back even stronger than before. Like I 've been saying this entire time, it 's all about other people.)

I thought an arduous journey would be my answer. That this external factor would help change me for the better. But that is taking the foolish perspective that I 'm broken to begin with and that I need to be fixed. Besides, each time I tried biking or walking across America I would always fail. No matter how many self-help tricks I tried, I would give up and go back (I should have realized the first time I would end up getting the same results over and over again).

However, there is no need to

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