Baddest Dog In Harlem

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Essay and analytic – English assignment The Baddest Dog in Harlem is written by Walter Dean Myers and it is a fiction, but it could also be a real story. The summary of The Baddest Dog in Harlem. At the start, we meet Mr. Lynch, Tommy, Willie Murphy and Pedro; they are talking about whom the best fighter is, they are on a rail by Big Joe’s place. Then two police cars are driving towards them, and stop. They begin to ask the people around if they have seen anything, a little kid tells that he had seen something, the police officers go inside Eez-On-In, just for to be safe, and it is a restaurant. Then they heard a shoot, it was one of the police officers, he shot at a cartridge, and the other police officers tries to react to this, but…show more content…
The story is happing in a area, where there a homeless people and they don’t have any kind of job, there a many gangs, they are usually criminals who hurt the people in the area. There are not any kind of flashback in the story. The story is written as ‘’ I person ‘’ the story takes place over a few hours, the story begin with a discussion witch the boys have about the best fighter. The term could be ghetto, or how thug you can be in the ghetto. There is not written about which year the story is written in, but will rely on 1990. Bruce Springsteen’s song American skin. In the relation to the story, it is a interesting song, it is about weapons, and there will never be justice, as long as there a guns in the world, and this has much relation with the story. He also sings about how easy it is to people, it could be a dad or husband, how it the family handle the situation when the most important person leaves them. American skin , it is also a song, it is about a mother who wants to teach her son to follow the rules, and she doesn’t want him to hang out with the bad boys, at the streets in a ghetto just like Harlem, it is all about respect and having the strength to

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