Badger Descriptive

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Standing outside of 610 Main St, I was reluctant to head inside. The tannish-brown brick building stood four stories. Its rectangular frame was plain in design; riddled with standard rectangular windows, you would expect to see in a building from the early nineteen hundreds. Street side there was a set of standard aluminum framed glass doors with a brown plaque above them. The brown rectangular plaque was pressed, allowing for its brass material to protrude out, giving it a three-inch border. Mimicking the border in design, the name “Badger” was centered on the plaque. If I hadn’t seen the twelve by twelve sign that had Image Management’s logo on the side of the building, I wouldn’t have had a clue this was a design studio. The lack of curb…show more content…
Old, shiny, wooden handrails are freshly polished on brass hangers leading the way to a landing, they divide the walk up. Once reaching the second floor you’re greeted with two closed doors. The doors are a brown stained oak wood with an opaque piece of frosted glass in the center of them. Shockingly, there were no indications on what door to enter; reluctant to open one I glanced down the hall to my left. I noticed a beautifully polished handcrafted oak door with the same embossed brass Image Management sign as the side of the building affixed to it. The sign was a clear indication this was the entrance to the…show more content…
Image Management was created in 2001 by my mother, Claire. She began contracting for Case Tractors to retouch and organize their photographs. She became Cases only image designer and decided to expand her team; this is when she started Image Management. What sets us apart from other companies in the industry is we treat everyone as family. We all get along with each other extremely well. There are currently thirteen of us here. We offer a wide range of services: photography, image retouching, scanning, graphic design, printing, video production and editing, we also offer website development and
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