Badger Meter Is One Of Wisconsin’S Industry Leaders In

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Badger Meter is one of Wisconsin’s industry leaders in municipal water utilities. They manufacture the meters and offer meter readings. They also measure the flow and control for many fluids and serve many different markets. The company is quite large and employees more than 1,400 employees. Interviewed below is Dennis Armistead, a supervisor at the Brown Deer Badger Meter. He has been with the company for about 15 years and oversees much of the production. He is an alumnus of Silver Lake College where he received his Bachelor’s Degree in Electrical Manufacturing. He has two daughters and a grandson and is very passionate about his family. Question 1: Is there an organizational chart for the company? (If so, ask for a copy.) There is an…show more content…
All the lower levels of management seem to need permission from the next level on things that I have seen in other companies decided by the lower levels. Question 4: What is the frequency of the communication between the different management levels? How does it take place? Officially? Unofficially? From the very top, our CEO holds quarterly meetings with all employees to cover the status of the company. The management team also holds a more numbers based meeting with all management team to cover the status of the company. It is after this level that the communication falls apart. Very little from the middle managers makes it down to the next levels of employees. This company is publicly held so with some investigation the numbers are available, but as an employee we should not have to do the digging to get the information. Question 5: At what level does the communication flow to the lowest level of the organization? It will come from three places with varying quality. First is the quarterly meeting with the CEO. This is a very high level of company information that is shared. Second, there are random posting boards that Human Resources will place various information on. Third, the direct Supervisors will conduct employee meetings. This last one seems to be sporadic and not as consistent as it should be, and with some Supervisors not conducted at all. Organizing is a key function for all managers. Organizing performs the task of deciding

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