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Assignment #3: iPremier
BADM 350 1. How well did the iPremier Company perform during the seventy-five-minute attack? If you were Bob Turley, what might you have done differently during the attack?
Normally, a company would follow emergency procedures while dealing with crises, but in iPremier’s case, there was no emergency procedure available. Under these circumstances, and with no prior experience with security breaches, I believe the company performed well. Bob Turley communicated well with the other members of the company, but if I were in his shoes, I would have been more conservative and acted faster.
In responding to the crisis, there were two main issues that iPremier faced – understanding the attack, and restoring order.
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iPremier’s procedures were absolutely deficient. They had an outdated emergency manual that employees couldn’t find, and almost couldn’t access the data center. Additional measures they could have implemented long before the attack include revising the emergency procedure and making sure all employees know how to follow it. 3. Now the attack has ended, what can the iPremier Company do to prepare for another such attack?
While I mentioned revising the emergency procedure in the previous question, there are other ways to prepare as well. iPremier could implement a method to escalate unsatisfactory service from Qdata to higher level management; if they switch to a data center with open lines of communication, the next crisis would be easier to handle, or it might even be completely averted. 4. In the aftermath of the attack, what would you be worried about? What actions would you recommend?
I would be worried about three issues, including the identity and motivation of the hacker, the amount of data that was taken from iPremier, and public disclosure. Since Bob didn’t pull the plug, there is a log documenting what happened during the attack – I would start by analyzing the log and trying to solve the first two issues. Public disclosure is a legal matter, yet it affect thee public image of iPremier, so I would consult with both Warren and Stewart to see both PR and legal’s perspective on the attack, and formulate a public statement

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