Baggage Complaints Essay

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Case 2 - Baggage Complaints: Descriptive Statistics and Time Series Plots Baggage Complaints: Descriptive Statistics and Time Series Plots Background Anyone who travels by air knows that occasional problems are inevitable. Flights can be delayed or cancelled due to weather conditions, mechanical problems, or labor strikes, and baggage can be lost, delayed, damaged, or pilfered. Given that many airlines are now charging for bags, issues with baggage are particularly annoying. Baggage problems can have a serious impact on customer loyalty, and can be costly to the airlines (airlines often have to deliver bags). Air carriers report flight delays, cancellations, overbookings, late arrivals, baggage complaints, and other operating…show more content…
The data for baggage complaints and enplaned passengers cover domestic travel only. 2 Analysis We start by exploring baggage complaints over time. Exhibit 1 shows the time series plot for the variable Baggage by Date for each of the airlines. United Airlines has the most complaints about mishandled baggage in almost all of the months in the data set; Hawaiian Airlines has the fewest number of complaints in all months. Do we conclude, then, that United Airlines has the “worst record” for mishandled baggage and Hawaiian, the best? Exhibit 1 Time Series Plots of Baggage by Airline (Graph > Graph Builder; drag and drop Baggage in Y, Date in X and Airline in Overlay. Click on the smoother icon at the top to remove the smoother, and click on the line icon. Or, right-click in the graph, and select Smoother > Remove, and Points > Change to > Line. Then, click Done.) United Airlines is a much bigger airline, as evidenced by Exhibit 2, which shows the average number of scheduled flights and enplaned passengers by airline. United handles more than three times the number of passengers than American Eagle on average, and almost eight times more than Hawaiian. Thus, United has more opportunities to mishandle luggage because it handles more luggage – it’s simply a much bigger airline. Exhibit 2 Average Scheduled Flights and Enplaned Passengers by Airline (Tables > Tabulate; drag Airline in drop zone for rows, and Scheduled and Enplaned
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