Bahamian Cultural Experience

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Bahamian cultural experience Cultures vary from one nation to the other or even one community to the other, however some might have similarities to some extent depending on where the community is said to have originated from. Most of the cultures people come across are much interesting to watch and to know about their history, for example Nassau Bahamas culture. According to one of the long stay citizen whom I asked about this island describe the name Bahamas to have it origin from Spanish word "baja" meaning shallow and "mar" meaning sea. The country has a distinction between the capital of Nassau on New Providence Island and the archipelago island. Although Bahamians recognize their distinctive national culture, they emphasize minor differences in speech as well as customs among the islands. The history has it that Spain was the first to claim Bahamas through Christopher Columbus when he made his first land fall. However, the Spanish original occupants did not settle in the Bahamas and pirates took over the region. In 1629, the British claimed the islands and began a community on Eleuthera. Other loyalists that fled from North America during and after the American Revolution joined the British residents; moreover there was influx of enslaved Africans. Until now the number of Blacks who were freed from the slave trade and given land to farm has grown more than the whites and this was evidenced from Bahaman records. In their archives it revealed that the culture I was
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