Bai Luo 's ' Dad, My Mom Is Getting Married '

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“Dad, my mom is getting married.” “Wish your mom happy newlywed!” Bai Luo yin woke up, with behind his ears and down his neck all sweaty, hot summer weather has not been, is hot wake up every morning. Hu grumble for a moment, he casually with his hands, palms are trickling sweat, rubbed his eyes till he saw red early in the morning. Dragging his two feet, Bai Luo walked lazily and bending down under the faucet, head down, he let the cold tap water flow down directly down his neck, his heart was finally happy. Bai Hanqi, which is Bai Luo 's father is sweeping the yard at the moment. 1.85-meter big head, spent every day at home running the house, if he can order home care is also calculated, but also do it well. So Bai Luo has been to see him is thin. Fresh water in the mug was swallowed by Bai Luo into his mouth and then spat it out. He turned on the tap, wanting to wash the white bubbles down and found more water in the tank, and it seemed to be blocked again. A minute later, Bai Luo by using a stick to probe the hole and remove a rag in the drain, water flows quickly down the sink hole flows down. "Dad, you washed my underwear down.” Bai Hanqi after a minute, hearing this, suddenly paused, dropped his broom and walked towards the clothes rod in the back. One, two, three ... ... Several back and forth, missing a pair of panties. Needless to say, washing clothes down one, along with the detergent water poured down the drain. "Hey, don 't throw it! Wash it again and then you

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