Essay Bait And Switch By Barbara Ehrenreich

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Bait and Switch by Barbara Ehrenreich takes a comical look at the troubles that plague "white collar" unemployed. This book offers an in-depth view of the Barbara Ehrenreich's struggle to get a "good job," which she defined as a job that would provide health care and an income of $50,000 a year.(6) This book was written in 2005 and is still up to date with the current unemployment problems. She uses her own experiences and observations for the reader to get an accurate picture of how hard it is for people who "did the right things" like going to college and are still unemployed for various reasons. The specific topic of Ehrenreich's book is upper class unemployment and the various desperate measures they take to gain employment. Many of…show more content…
Ehrenreich does explain an explicit thesis in her book. Her idea is that she will search for job just like any other desperate unemployed white middle class person would. She would hire a career coach, subject to tests, uncomfortable group meetings, online job ads and resume boosters to gain a job with benefits and a $50,000 salary. She decided to spend $6,000 on all the expenses she would incur for these employment services and set aside ten months to fully direct all her attention on searching for this "good job." The purpose of writing this book was to show the reader how hard it is to get a decent job. These career coaches and personality tests did nothing to help Ehrenreich find a job. They did take her money and frustrate her with relentless enthusiasm about thinking positive and not feeling down or losing hope. The assumptions underlying the analysis are the employee's age. Ehrenreich mentions this throughout her book that people over age 40 have a much more difficult time finding a stable job that people who are in their 20's and 30's. People over 40 are supposed to be established and working at their job until retirement. People that are 40 or older are encouraged to leave their birthdate or age off of their resume and are usually looked over when jobs are available. Finding a job to Ehrenreich over the age of 40 is even more difficult
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