Bajaj vs Lml

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A Comparative Analysis

In today’s world the two wheeler segment is a very competitive industry and there is a very stiff competition among the various companies. There have been many two wheeler companies in India present in the market since a long time, some have been able to transform itself and cope with the modern market and some have faded away into the past. Companies like Hero Honda, Bajaj and TVS have transformed themselves into major giants, while companies like LML and Rajdoot have failed miserably and collapsed and had to shutdown. So in our case study we are taking into consideration two such companies like Bajaj and LML which have been there from the very beginning and trying to analyse why Bajaj was a huge
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With a larger selection of two-wheelers on the Indian market, consumers started to gain influence over the products they bought and raised higher customer expectations. The industry produced more models, styling options, prices, and different fuel efficiencies. The foreign companies new technologies helped make the products more reliable and with better quality. Indian companies had to change to keep up with their global counterparts.

Motorbikes are a major segment of Indian two wheeler industry, the other two being scooters and mopeds. Indian companies are among the largest two-wheeler manufacturers in the world.
In the initial stages, the scooter segment was dominated by API; it was later overtaken by Bajaj Auto and LML. Although various government and private enterprises entered the fray for scooters, the only new player that has lasted till today is Bajaj.
The motorcycle segment was initially dominated by Enfield 350cc bikes and Escorts 175cc bike.
The two-wheeler market was opened to foreign competition in the mid-80s. And the then market leaders - Escorts and Enfield - were caught unaware by the onslaught of the 100cc bikes of the four Indo-Japanese joint ventures, namely; Hero Honda, TVS Suzuki, Bajaj Kawasaki and Kinetic Motor Company (Kinetic Honda). With the availability of fuel efficient low power bikes, demand swelled, resulting in Hero Honda - then the only producer of four stroke bikes (100cc category), gaining a

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