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Introduction In ancient times, China has been known as the “Celestial Empire”, it’s a land where the divine and mortal once coexisted. It’s also refers to the belief that the divine, themselves using various paths or ways which transmitted rich and abundant culture to the Chinese people. Chinese culture is thus known as “divinely inspired,” as it is the only culture in the world to have history of 5,000 years. Chinese’s culture left behind countless literary classics, historical documents, cultural relics, and national records which is very important to Chinese people for is represent the identity of ourselves who we are and where we come from. Chinese culture can said it was begun with the Yellow Emperor, 5,000 years ago. The emperor himself…show more content…
According to the old people story, Bak Kut Teh is originated from Klang a few decades ago from Klang in Selangor state. It was prepared by a stall owner under a bridge for coolies in the area who smoked opium. Because of their buds were affected by the drug, they lacked their sense of taste. So the stall owner boil the pork ribs and intestines in strong Chinese medical herbs, creating a stew that was ripe with aroma. From there, Bah Kut Teh caught on and become nation-wide phenomenon. Nowadays, there is even Chik Kut Teh, a chicken version of the Bak Kut Teh but it is considered a pale simulacrum of the original. Bah Kut Teh is usually eaten with a bowl of rice and drunk with tea as the dish is quite only. It is so good, that Chinese will drive from one state to the other to find a stall that serves it well. It is also widely available in most states but the best still comes from birthplace ---- Klang. Economy Rice Also known as ‘Chap Fan’, one of the all times favorite and top pick especially for working class. The variety choice of dishes from meat, vegetable to egg, all at your own pick with most affordable price. Apart from multi choice of the dishes, variety ways of cooking from steam to fry cater different taste buds of every

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